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December 01, 2008



It does indeed sound like a once in a lifetime concert. Glad that you both enjoyed it and hope you are well.


Sting is King in my book. I have seen him numerous times and he is one of the greats!!!
Glad you had an enjoyable night.

Mumma Lisa x


It was a great night - I LOVED sting (however, he could have just sat on the stage and I would have been happy!) I enjoyed your company and had a wonderful bit=rthday celebration. Thankyou.

ancoho (Anna)

Oh, I would have so liked to hear that concert too. I love the music by Sting and, him, playing the lute, is a real experience. I will search for a CD, maybe I am lucky. But I am from Germany and I only can hope that amazon has it.
Greetings from Germany! Anna

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