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May 14, 2007



great entry ursula! never seen those cool scoopers, great tool! love using the styro palettes too....and i shop for paper towels not for quality but for the patterns in the quilting :) thanks for playing.


great tips Ursula, and I love your reuse-renew-recycle attitude!

karla nathan

We don't get tools with our kiwi, and now I want one!

Crafty Green Poet

I use the same plastic thingies as palettes too! Very environmentally friendly!


A fab idea ;)


You don't really do that do you??? Its all sounding very green to me. But its a wonderful idea, regards Bob Brown.

Ro Bruhn

What a great idea with the spoons Ursula, I'll start saving. I use a knitting needle to carve into the foam trays to make stamps, they work well.

Julie H

I had not thought of using the kiwi fruit spoons. Thanks for that one. I must go check out some of the other crusade ideas. One day I will get my act together to post.


kristen robinson

This is so very cool I love it! We do not get a cool spoon with our kiwi just the fruit.



ursula, i'm so jealous!!!! we don't get these spoons here in europe, or at least the countries i frequent. how cool are these!!! and yes, paper towels are fab too, although mine end up way too dark since i don't pay attention. great cheap tricks!


You are a woman of many talents.... I wondered where all my kiwi spoons went!! ;)


I like those Kiwi tools ... how come we don't get them here? The white styrofoam containers are commonplace but not the Kiwi tools.


We don't get those cool spoons either over here in Jersey! great cheap tricks Ursula, oh and that architectural plan stamp was by Rubber Baby who no longer exist....but there was a rumour that all their designs were bought by Stamp Francisco who will be re-releasing them over time...keep your eyes peeled:)

Penny Stuart

Omigosh my friend...these are THE coolest! Love the kiwi spoons....I have never seen those before! WOWZA! Love your ideas! Girl, you rock!

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