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June 13, 2007


Sharon Manning

You are very Brave Ursula, mine would end up sat on and then I would have to get the paint out of their uniforms and wash and iron them before the next day! LOL

I know what you mean about having to create to learn!

Take Care

Megan Pickwell

So you mean that bottle of pink water in your car wasn't for drinking?
Jokes aside - I think if we waited for the perfect time to create, it wouldn't happen, I remember that same feeling when deciding the right time to have children. There is no right time. Therefore grabbing those pockets of time is entirely the right way to go and is often just the right amount of time to start the inspiration engines towards a bigger artwork. Megan xox

ro Bruhn

Well done Ursula, I always have my journal and a few gel pens in my bag. I have to travel for an hour to work, so I do art at the traffic lights, and waiting for the trains at railway crossings, it's amazing I don't get anywhere near as frustrated driving as I did, and I don't even mind the red lights.


Julie H

Sounds like a good idea to me. I know when I grab the "5's" it helps me get in to the bigger projects more easily than when I have had a long break. And I like the outcome here.


Oh Megan, I was gonna ask about the pink bottle of water too!!!!!


I love your supply collection. What an enticing array of stuff to play with!

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