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September 28, 2007


Michelle Ward

ursula - love this story! too funny that the cd wasn't even out yet when that single was such a big hit. thanks for sharing your crush with the team. (you know i love that it's music!)

Sharon Manning

My daughter plays this song alot!
I must admit it's nice to hear the lyrics and not be screamed at! lol

Julie H

Hi Ursula
I just caught up with your last three posts - have to giggle, you are not oing to have art time on the holidays and I AM! Woohoo from the teacher. What a lovely wedding picture - and the social activities all sounded lovely.


That's a neat song, I think I have heard it a couple of times, it sounds familiar. It's awesome you didn't have to wait that long to find it... lucky you!


Doesn't a song stuck in your head drive you crazy? Well, if it has to happen, this is a good one to hear all the time. Hey, Ursala, you've been tagged for the middle name game. Check out my latest blog post where you are tagged. http://sallyt.typepad.com


And now because of your mate Megan I have a crush on Paolo Nutini... can't sleep anymore because his songs are racing through my head... I am in luuurrrrrvvvveee. I am sure lots of gorgeous 20 year old men (I am not going to say boys) would fancy a 39ish year old spunky chick like me (take that smirk off your face, missy)... a crush... how did that happen!

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