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February 25, 2008


michelle ward

Ursula - thanks for the reminder that an on-the-go kit need be nothing more than a journal, a pencil, and a clever mind. Love these leaf rubbings! Thanks for the link back to some of youe pages. Glad to have you plugged in with us again. xo


Fabulous Ursula! I loved looking at your past pages too! Thanks for sharing!


It looks like you're living the idea behind Crusade 17. What a great idea to use the time waiting to pick up kids. It could even inspire them to start journaling. -- JeriAnn

susan w

I like the idea of a journal with quotes on pages and while this one came published that way, it would be fun to set up a new journal , prepping pages by simply scattering quotes throughout.


What a great book - keep for those art thoughts, no shopping lists allowed! Nice rubbings xom


Love this one as well! what I always take with me and should most of the times because no time to do things when travelling...:)


Super simple and it works! Great thinking. With a notebook and pencil, there's no excuse for 'wasting time'!


a small, instant journal and your ready to go and capture life in the real as it happens! I too use my camera phone when I need to. Thanks for the advice re gold stamps on my blog! I'll remember that instead of ruining a good piece of work.


Suffering serious "companion" art withdrawal so cannot wait for the studio reveal. As for the pencil and notebook, I thought that's great. Sometimes we are so spoilt for choice of material and supplies that it can get so exciting gathering them, that using them gets missed. Coming back to trusty, versatile and cheap materials is a must for everyone at some point in this art.

Julie Prichard

Well, you're already ahead of me....I'll never know how to get the photos out of my phone! Your book is fantastic! I Love the size and I love how you saved the leaf. What a great memory already at the start of the book!


Absolutely! A book and a pen or pencil - what more does an arty body need?


HOw wonderful to have a book with quotes already there. I print and glue in quotes in my diary all the time! :-)


Great journal pages! A great beginning to what I am sure will be a lovely journal. you take pretty nice pictures with your phone!

Cath S

Does it constitute a kit? Heck yes! What a lovely looking journal :-)


I have to remember to do rubbings - always think they are such a great idea but always forget about them. And as you've demonstrated, you don't need much to do them! Thanks for the inspiration!

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