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February 29, 2008


Sharon Manning

Oh my goodness - What an amazing space and so much light! I love your "Golden Tower" and also your Stamp cabinet is to die for!



Tally Oliveau

WOW!! I'm so glad I popped over to your blog to see your studio! How will you ever be able to mess this up??? The Golden tower is magnificent - oh to have so much space!


Looks Fantastic - where's my chair gone?


OMG Ursula! What a perfect studio! I just love your Golden tower too.... am trying to tidy mine... but it just isn't happening! lol

karen cole

Goodness Ursula!!!

What a fabulous space. I'm drooling over that "Golden tower".


Hi Ursula, that is so impressive, I too love that Golden tower, wish my Golden products looked that tidy.
Artistic Journey

Kristen R

I do believe I will hop a plane and see you in 18 hours this is marvelous simply wonderful!!!!!


Unbelievable. I am so incredibly jealous. I can NOT create amidst a mess...and right now Im surrounded by it, and have limited space. It looks great...my kids and husband would surely never see me if i had a studio like that!


WOW Ursula, can I come and play? You could supply the rest of Australia with your Golden tower. I didn't know you could get the jars that big. How well organised you are. After visiting my studio on my blog, you must be very happy with the state of yours. Thanks for showing us around.

Jo Stables

Your studio looks awesome! Hope you are finding the time to get in there and mess it up again.
I refitted my studio just before Christmas and love spending time in there now! I find I am more inclined to clean up after myself now!
Take care and thankyou for your lovely email!
Love Jo

Mrs Pickles

Whooooaaaa! Ok so now I understand why you haven't had anytime to send me a gossipy email... too busy sorting and arranging. Have to say I highly approve. Looks fantastic. Nice 'puter ya got there! Now I want a photo of the family room.

Jan Adams

I want your sink! And a lot more besides - a sewing area as well... yay. I've got to upsize my space, and we DO have a spare bedroom... hmm, IAN, ARE YOU LISTENING??? Loved looking Ursula.

kathy McCreedy

I don't know if I could possibly be more envious of your beautiful studio space!!! SO well organized and bright and really, really amazingly organized... did I mention how well organized it is?!? And your rubber carvings are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for leaving the very kind comment about my carving... and you are correct, I need to trim the edges... which will likely clean it up just fine. Thanks so much! xoxo, K.

audrey h.

Your room is fabulous. Love how spacious and organized it is and I want a Goldens Tower just like yours :)

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