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March 15, 2008


Megan Warren

what a great stamp! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Ingrid Dijkers

That's a pretty intricate stamp. You did a REALLY nice job on it. That's one of those stamps you will use over and over again, for years to come. I also like your # stamp very much. Thanks for sharing,

michelle ward

WOW!!! Ursula - these are really wonderful! Love the numbers one with all the scratchy bits cut out - not an easy task - very well done! And that second one really rocks too - so intricate. Training wheels? Hardly. I'd say you went straight from the driveway to the racetrack. Thanks for sharing your carved stamps and the journal pages with the team - nice to have you playing with us again.


I think those "floral burst" stamps are great...perfect background and accent stamps. I need to try something like that.


That's a beautiful stamp, and I think you did a fabulous job of carving it! Also I love the idea of the 525600 stamp :)


oooh, you have made finely crafted work! Image can be used many ways also. Beautiful. Thanks for dropping in my blog.


You did a fantastic job on your carved stamp. By starting on something difficult, you probably learned more from the experiment.

Julie Prichard

omg...your stamp is AWESOME!!! What a great idea with the clip art..I absolutely love that design!


wow! training wheels? no way. this is fabulous!! so intricate. so well done. and those are fabulous ways to use it. I am so impressed.


Hi Ursula,
girl you made a fantastic, detailed stamp... WOW!! If you can make this, i bet you can carve ANYTHING!! Those numbers ROCK too, inspirantional, because I LOVE numbers and alphabets. Thanx for sharing (a get rid of the idea of being on training wheels!!)

inge Bekaert


I also said "wow"... Your cutting seems very well done !
I also love the idea of the several clip art images you show.
Every computer has several of these and they are perfect for a stamp !



You never do things by halves do you? My first attempt was a checkerboard... no curves at all.

I actually like the idea of not inking that completely and getting a more partial image, but the same effect could be achieved by some judicious use of titanium white.


great - more stamps to borrow when arting! Great job - love the rent concept and the fact you didn't let one or two or three curves stop you! Mxo PS can I have a turn tomorrow night?

Mrs Pickles

How clever you are...

Julie Molina

Wow! Those are amazingly well done. Mine look like a sloppy mess next to yours. I love the RENT inspired one! What a great idea. And your second one is so detailed! You have a very steady hand!


Fabulous stamps Ursula. I love both of them and they look great on your journal pages too!

Thanks for the tip about the brayer, I need to get myself one of those.



Wow - I thought of doing a very curvy intricate design but chickened out and did something less tricky... I commend you on the fab result!

Jeane Frizzell

Your stamp looks great! I like how you used it to create a paterened background. Very nice job!

Kim Tedrow

Your second try at carving? WOW. I can't wait to see what you do next... -Kim


Hey Ursula, you are very excact in your carving too! And that from the very first try - WOW!


I love your stamp. Very effective. I enjoy carving erasers too but I think I prefer the process to my end results!


So pretty. It reminds me of how much I loved my spirograph, and I keep buying stamps that give the same feeling, and yours does! Really cool, thank you for sharing.


Are you kidding, I can't see any flaws on THAT stamp! :) GREAT carving, a very professional job!!! :)


Ursula, love the stamps you carved. Geeze, you do some intricate stuff. I get all nerved up just looking at it. I don't sit still for very long....... and the page with the birdhouse cut out of music is genius! I was so moved by that page.

Tina Wright

Love the Number stamp and the circle is just FAB!!! you go girl!


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