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March 26, 2008



Brilliant Ursula, you have really got the knack. I am impressed!
Love the lotus! HAPPY BIRTHDAY - it must have been an inspirational day!


OOH! Pretty things! I love the water-lily - and the tree - and everything else.
You've inspired me to have a go and I've ordered some blocks from Ebay but it's so hard to find the right stuff here in the UK, sob....sob....

Jo Anne

WOW! I just hopped over to say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about my carved stamps and discovered that you have some awesome ones posted! SO cool...love YOUR tree and the waterlily is beautiful!


Oh my!!! LOVE all the stamps you have carved. Absolutely gorgeous. I think you have mastered this technique. I really liked seeing how you used the stamps on some of your artwork. You are so inspiring!

Julie Prichard

How fantastic! Your tree....but especially your greek key design (Is that what it is called?)! It is so symmetrical and perfect! Hooray!

audrey h.

Ursula...you are on a roll :) These are stunning. Love the tree and the pages you did with them. The last flower just blows me away. The detail on it is fab. It is just gorgeous!

susan w

That lily is exquisite! As is the tree. How often are you having to change blades with this - wow. I am using a "Flex-Strop" block to swipe blades on every so often. I ordered mine and I am glad to have something to keep from replacing blades every so often. I found the pink Speedball rubber too "rubbery" - too much resistance like you said. I am using the Nasco Safety Cut ("Kut"?) - it has teeny grains of something which act as an ongoing sharpening stone so your blades stay viable longer. You'd have to order it but you could probably round up a crew to make it a bigger order and worth the shipping. cheers



These are brilliant...I love all of them. Isn't it great coming up with new things to carve? I have a list too :lol:

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Wow! I looooooooooove the water lily! Absolutely beautiful! I was loving the others and it only got better as I went down the post.

Thanks for sharing,


Oh delight... you are using your supplies! That tree is delectable. I'm not sure that I would have the patience or steadiness or hand for such an intricate piece. A truly lovely "acquisition" for your stamp collection.

Maj Carita

The leaf - WOW! The tree - even better! And then - the Lotus flower - GASP!!! I am flabbergasted! It is just so beautiful!

michelle ward

Ursula - I'm with Maj, GASP!! on that flower! Amazing!! Don't you love using paint? Makes you never want to try an ink pad again, they never seem wet enough. All these stamps ROCK! I'm so happy to see you having fun with this - thanks for sharing your stuff and your tips and your "craving for carving".
*thinks about swiping your clever phrase*


Wooow, your stamps are amazing! That flowr looks like real! Amazing job!

susan w

Ursula - I gave you the wrong name of the sharpening block thingy - it is called SlipStrop by Flexicut (in case you were trying to find it.)


Ursula, it's good to know that I'll have roommates in the home for the artistically demented! I have two more pages of bird sketches I'm trying to resist and now that I've seen your tree, I want to make one for my birds to nest in. And I haven't even begun flowers and faces and...oh, my. It is an illness, isn't it? If cutting stencils is half this addictive, I'm in BIG trouble.

By the way, your stamps are FANTASTIC! I covet every one.

kathy McCreedy

Hi Ursula,
I am blown away by the complexity and beauty of your carvings! Love the Greek key border design, and the Lotus flower is to die for! I'm curious what tools you are using... they look very different from the big clunky "dig out" Speedball tool I'm using... I'm going to have to go shopping again! Thanks for your kind comments on my carvings... they are quite elementary compared to yours, but hey, a girl's got to start somewhere, right?!? :D

inge Bekaert

Hello Ursula,

I agree with all the other comments! I saw the leaf and thought "mmm nice", until I scrolled down... the tree is very good, but the lotus is a hit!
Bold designs can look very good, but I'm also a person who likes details, so your carvings are my kind of stuff !
I really love the lotus flower : where did you find the design ?
It's a lot of work to carve, especially if you do it only with an exacto knife, but you can really work very fine. No cuts in your fingers ? ( I did...)
I think carving has not ended yet..

Inge (from Belgium)


All wonderful stamps! They're all great - so much detail on the flower, and I love the tree! :)


wow!! looks like the Greek fav. border!! tree and flowr awesome as well!! u r one talented gal!


Oooh! I think the tree is my favourite - but they are all wonderful and thank you for the product review. I have only ever tried on erasers and Lino so will have a go with the block next.

The journal pages look great too.


Wow....what a fab stamp....gorgeous...


Kim Tedrow

That flower looks like a botanical print! Amazing! And I love the tree too. Well, all of them actually :) -Kim


Wow! The tree is fantastic as are all the other stamps. Great job!


All the stamps are great, but that Lotus... I really want that Lotus... and in the pink paint... MAGNIFICENT!


Love the journal page of the tree with the leaf floating in the background- beautiful...and the lotus- absolutely stunning!!!

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