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April 27, 2008


michelle ward

Girl!! Look at all this fabulousness! Thanks for sharing with the team all your adventures - from cutting with the heat tool to using the die-cut thing. And you know I'm loving that you made a 'go-with' stencil - looks so awesome with your stamp (that still blows me away!) Love seeing your pages too - and that work in progess image has my heart pounding *grin*


ooh, now you're really getting down and dirty! I've never got on with stencils - I always seem to get 'edge-bleed', so this crusade is one I'll pass on. I love to see your journal pages though - just wish I could discipline myself enough to make an art journal or three.
Keep up the great work. x


I'm already a member of ASA - I am having problems completing the ten step program though!
Wonderful journaling in progress and it sounds like you are really getting the stencil cutting under control.

Julie Prichard

Please send me the application to join ASA...I'd like to be a charter member.

Your stencils are all great and they look fantastic on your pages!!

susan w

What an excellent idea - combining stencils AND the stamps you created. I loved the lotus originally and now that you've added the mask to it - it is even better. The border with the curvy flourishes is lovely as well. Nice work!

Jo Wholohan

Very cool Ursula!!! Your stencils are soooo great!!!


Ursula,I enjoyed your blog today! Dropped by to say hi...

Have a great hair day! Becci

Sue Pieper

Wow, these are wonderful! You may have inspired me to get my butt in gear and get going on those stencils!

Rosie Rowe

I love your stencils and the Love, Life and bird page is so beautiful... those colours are superb! If I had a heat cutting tool, I'd be an addict! As it is, I'm still carving 2 or 3 stamps a week!!


Great stencils! I love the journal-page-in-progress, the colors are wonderful! I need to make a "bird in flight" stencil, I don't have one of those yet! :)


YAY! I love your genious idea to use the punch letters to make a custom stencil. Now, if I could only spell genious. Keep up the good work!

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