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May 30, 2008


michelle ward

Ursula!! Thanks for coming to play with us and for sharing your casting tips. Clicking on your photos gives such a nice view of your technique. Aren't you a clever one to do the flip-over thing! Very useful trick. And adding gel medium is another fab idea. Thanks girl - these are lovely!


Fabulous, it looks great!


Thanks for the added tips ! Gel medium sounds like a good idea right from the beginning. I brushed my casts with a little after they were dry to keep them more rigid. I was afraid to use the gel on the stamps because I thought it would make the paper stick to them ? You didn't seem to have this problem ! Nice results !

Maj Carita

Great cast, Ursula! I will have to try adding gel medium to my paper pulp the next time and see what hapens!

Julie Prichard

I needed that extra strength too! Really great tip! And your castings are beautiful!

susan w

I was wondering about adding something to the water. I will definitely try the wetting around the edges tip for next time. Now I'm curious to to see this piece in use.

lucy edson

Love the tip for softening the edges of the casting! I will try that next time. Thanks for sharing your instructions.


Your cast is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the details of your technique! I'm looking forward to trying it - I could use a break from pulp for a little while!


Fabulous! Thanks for adding your little tips for refining the results too. x


very elegant molds. thanks for adding the tips about softening the edges; they do tend to have hard edges.


thank you so much for this.. something about the way you show it here makes sense. I have seen this technique demonstrated before, but this time it has SUNK in! Off to get some loo paper now... ha ha.

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