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May 30, 2008


inge Bekaert

hello Ursula,

your pictures look great ! Me too, I love to take pictures very close so you see the structure of the stone, the tree,... It almost feel tactile...
Your papercast for crusade 20 looks great: quite detailed. I keep your tips in mind when I make new ones !

You've been in Melbourne for the Art retreat ! I wish the teacher came over to Belgium one day...

Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, Freek enjoyed his birthday, especially all the sweets... In summervacation he and his friends are going to have a "Freekparty", but now they are all studying hard for the past month and a half : they start with their last examinations at the university next week...

Inge ( from Belgium)


Oh Ursula, these are just fantastic! Love every single photo.
It is so great that these are un-photoshopped, they don't need anything done to them.
You inspire me to get out there with my camera!
Love Jo


Great photos and they make a lovely collage together. It IS sometimes inhibiting to take photos in the street. I find my litle cheap compact camera is a way around that. Much less obvious when you're not putting it to your eye to compose the shot as with my DSLR!
Handy to always keep in your handbag too. I've blessed mine many times since buying it. x


Excellent photos... and it is true, after a while you don't even think about whipping out your camera. I love how you captured the rain and the sun on that bit of marble. Clever chick.

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